Sultans Of Ping

One of the very first bands that sprung to mind when planning the return of music to Semple Stadium, the Cork punk rock legends were finally convinced to join us for 2019 when sent a video of the crowd's reaction to ‘Where’s Me Jumper’, played onstage by DJ Will Leahy during one of the intervals at the festival last year. Every bit as powerful a live force as they were when they played Feile all those years ago, we are delighted to welcome one of the greatest Irish bands ever to Tipp Classical.

The Stunning

Many of last year’s partygoers at Feile Classical will admit that the electrifying sets from The Stunning stole many’s the heart in Thurles! To top that off their performance of ‘Brewing Up a Storm’ with the ICO to promote the Feile Classical album on the Late Late Show was one of the best performances that Ryan Tubridy has ever witnessed in his ten years presenting the show! They truly are stunning audiences with their energetic performances of their anthems and their return to Thurles is set to be a jewel in the crown of Tipp Classical.



Andy Cairns and his boys have, since day one, been one of the most uncompromising and raw Irish acts of all time. From seeing them in the Theatre Royal in Limerick as underage fans, right the way up to seeing them tour Japan only a few years ago, their ability to move audiences en mass is one that we can’t wait to see unveiled in Thurles once again, and this time with the added magic of the Irish Chamber Orchestra!



Jelly Legs was one of the defining albums of 90’s Irish music and with a host of huge singalong hits including ‘July’ and ‘Gin & Tonic Sky’, it is undoubtedly going to be one of the highlights of Tipp Classical when Mundy, his band and the entire Irish Chamber Orchestra unveil a series of wonderful arrangements to showcase these classic tracks.


Wendy James (Transvision Vamp)

The original Féile marked an key moment of change in Wendy James’s successful career with Transvision Vamp. Watching Elvis Costello’s live set, she was inspired to  embark on her own solo career and later did so with the invaluable help and writing skills of Costello and his then wife Cait O’Riordan. A real highlight from the original festival line-up, Wendy returns to Semple Stadium in 2019 accompanied by The Irish Chamber Orchestra to perform her chart topping alt rock hits like ‘I Want Your Love’ & ‘Baby I Don’t Care’. An iconic and collectable favourite, we are so delighted to welcome Wendy to Trip to Tipp 2019!


The Frank & Walters

If there were ever a band who summed up the reason for putting loads of people and loads of guitar in a field together in Thurles it would be The Frank & Walters. From the opening chords of ‘After All’ to the last sublime sweep of ‘This Is Not A Song’, every minute of their show at Feile Classical 2018 convinced us that we had to bring them back again in 2019!


The Fat Lady Sings

One of the finest bands to grace our Irish stages, THE FAT LADY SINGS are a magnificent new addition to this year’s bill. In the late 80s/early 90s they were headhunted by record labels, praised by critics, admired by peers and adored by fans and still sound as fresh and exciting as they did when they first formed. Their track ‘Arc Light’ remains one of the classic Irish singles and we’ll be up front and centre when they kick off their set this September in Semple.  


Something Happens

With the soaring arrangements of ‘Parachute’ being one of the true highlights of Feile Classical 2018, we are delighted to welcome the band back to perform with the Irish Chamber Orchestra again this year. From the seminal pop perfection of ‘Stuck Together With God's Glue’, to the infectious earworm ‘Hello Hello’, a Something Happens live show is an unmissable trip down memory lane.



Picturehouse’s ‘Sunburst’ from the 1998 album ‘Karmarama’ was arguably the biggest song on the radio in the summer of the year. Along with ‘Heavenly Day’ and ‘She’, the track showcases why Picturehouse are one of the great Irish bands of all time, and we are delighted to have them performing on stage with Irish Chamber Orchestra for Tipp Classical.



The incredible ELEANOR MCEVOY, one of Ireland's most well-known singers, is also joining this year's line-up. Picture her signature tune, the powerful and heartfelt 'Only A Woman's Heart' but performed with the sweep and pomp of the entire Irish Chamber Orchestra! Eleanor has very much followed her own musical path with a huge back catalogue. She is a prolific songwriter and talented multi-instrumentalist who can turn her hand to anything and this performance with the ICO will be very special indeed. 


Irish Chamber Orchestra

Having shone brightly from the back rows at Feile Classical 2018, this year the Irish Chamber Orchestra are moving right to the front playing their own original pieces as well as accompanying the iconic rock bands performing at the festival. One of the most celebrated orchestras in Europe, the Irish Chamber Orchestra - under conductor Ken Rice - brought their special brand of magic to Semple Stadium last year and this year will be even better!




A Celebration of Thin Lizzy’s Live and Dangerous’

Feat. the Irish Chamber Orchestra, Brian Downey’s Alive & Dangerous, and a host of soon-to-be-announced special guests...

Thin Lizzy’s ‘Live and Dangerous’ is one of the most iconic live albums ever recorded. Conductor Ken Rice and the Irish Chamber Orchestra are delighted to present their interpretation of these rock and roll classics at Tipp Classical. Original Thin Lizzy drummer Brian Downey and a host of very special guests - to be announced soon - will join the band onstage in Thurles for what promises to be a very special celebration of the legacy of Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy.


The Music of Shane MAcGowan

Feat. the Irish Chamber Orchestra, and a host of soon-to-be-announced special guests...

Shane MacGowan, avid Tipperary hurling supporter, iconic musician, and one of the world’s greatest songwriters, resides mere minutes from Semple Stadium. Tipp Classical are delighted to have the Irish Chamber Orchestra collaborate with Shane to celebrate his legendary songbook, performed by a host of special guests for one night only.




Jerry Fish

Band leader, showman, hearty starter and all round mischief maker, Jerry Fish returns to Thurles having played the main stage last year with the reunited An Emotional Fish. This year he will curate the Tipp Top with a selection of classic bands and a bunch of weird and wonderful entertainers, bringing forth all of the mayhem which has made him a festival favourite right across Europe.